How To Post To Instagram

How To Post To Instagram

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Assuming you have already an Instagram account the next thing you need to do is get posting, it is a fairly simple process.

1. To get started, click on the symbol at the bottom of your phone screen and and in the middle.


2. Next step you will need take you to a screen where you get the option to either take a photo or click on the thumbnails. If you want to choose an image you already have on your phone, when you first go through the process Instagram will ask you for access to your photos.


3. Once you have selected the photo, you can crop and zoom as you please. I normally already have all my photos pre cropped so I can just go to the next step.

4. At this step you can add one of the standard Instagram filters, it is not necessary, but you can flick through them and choose one if you like.You also have the option to create a handful of different effects, including highlights, shadows, contrast and straightening. The best way to figure out is just to have a go, personally I don’t use a heap of different effects but it is up to you.


5. The next step will take you to the page where you can actually post your comment. Click ok once you have written out your comment. At this stage you can also link to your other social media accounts, add a Photo to the map and tag other accounts or people. Once you have done all this you can share you post to the world, by simply clicking on the share button.



If you are interested in how to make this post even quicker, go to my post on “Ease With Posting on Instagram: